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Artworks by Alberto Argenton
in the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco”


The exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” (Trick of the Eye), open until 26 February 2023 in the Palazzo Monte di Pietà, Padua, is curated, in its first, historical part of a historical nature, by Luca Massimo Barbero and, in its second part, focused on the Paduan reality, by Guido Bartorelli, Giovanni Galfano, Andrea Bobbio and Massimo Grassi.

The exhibition is organised by themes and documents different perceptual-representational devices used by the artists in their pictorial research, relating them to scientific research on vision

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An essay on Alberto Argenton in a book
accompanying the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco”


Open until 26 February 2023 in the Palazzo Monte di Pietà in Padua, the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” (Trick of the Eye) explores the boundaries between art and science, documenting them with important artistic works and scientific studies on vision.
The exhibition is accompanied by two volumes, which bear the same title and which, analogously to the two parts of the exhibition, are dedicated, one, to “Perception, impressions and illusions in art”, curated by L. M. Barbero, and the other

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A Dantesque excursion with Alberto Argenton as guide

Screenshot copertina_prova

In 2021, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, the Trieste members of the GTA (Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications) offered a series of online, monthly “excursions”, held in Italian, on the “question of the language” in its various aspects: linguistic, psychological, philosophical and historic-cultural. The tenth excursion was led by Laura Messina-Argenton, Senior Scholar of the University of Padua, on the topic: “The versifying of Dante and its ‘perceptual meaning’ (in the terms of Alberto Argenton)”.

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Echoes from VSAC 2018


VSAC 2018 (The Visual Science of Art Conference) was held in Trieste from 24 to 26 August, organizedby Rossana Actis-Grosso and Daniele Zavagno, as a satellite conference of ECVP 2018 (European Conference on Visual Perception), coordinated by Tiziano Agostini, that took place from 26 to 30 August, also in Trieste.

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At VSAC 2018, research on pictorial continuous narrative, designed by Alberto Argenton

Pictorial continuous narratives: Perceptual-representational strategies is the title of the research by Ian Verstegen, Tamara Prest, Laura Messina Argenton, and Alberto Argenton (†) that will be presented at the symposium Representation of events and dynamic content in the visual arts, chaired by Rossana Actis-Grosso

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