Open until 26 February 2023 in the Palazzo Monte di Pietà in Padua, the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” (Trick of the Eye) explores the boundaries between art and science, documenting them with important artistic works and scientific studies on vision.

The exhibition is accompanied by two volumes, which bear the same title and which, analogously to the two parts of the exhibition, are dedicated, one, to “Perception, impressions and illusions in art”, curated by L. M. Barbero, and the other to “The Group N and the psychology of perception”, curated by G. Bartorelli, A. Bobbio, G. Galfano and M. Grassi.

This second volume frames studies on the psychology of perception through the work of its eminent exponents with ties to the University of Padua.

One of the essays in this volume, written by Laura Messina Argenton, Tamara Prest and Ian Verstegen upon the request of the curators of the exhibition and the volume, is dedicated to the figure of Alberto Argenton: Alberto Argenton and his research paths: Psychology of Art and Painting.

By courtesy of the publisher Silvana Editoriale, the essay is available here

The essay in English does not contain the images present in the essay in Italian, which can be consulted here


Information on the exhibition here