Alberto Argenton (2012), The hand, touch and vision, in A. Pluchinotta (ed.), Just the hand in modern and contemporary plastic art, Exhibition catalogue, Padova, Piano Nobile – Caffè Pedrocchi, 22 September – 14 October 2012, Bortolazzi-Stei, San Giovanni Lupatoto (VR), 44-50.
The hand, together with the arm of which it is the extremity, is our principal executive organ. It is what characterizes us as homo faber and as the species homo sapiens sapiens, for it is with the hand that we have been and are able not only to modify, on the whole to our advantage, the environment in which we live, but also to create, construct, make a myriad of artifacts that constitute our cultural material. The hand seems to be one of the primary organs through which the body – and the mind – interact cognitively with the surrounding world and help shape and develop our knowledge of the world.

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