This site was conceived, created and developed by Alberto Argenton in 2014 and in early 2015, with the aims described below. On 23 May 2015, after a brief but  unrelenting illness, Alberto Argenton passed away. While keeping unchanged the site architecture and the current contents, we intend to update it, together with Tamara Prest, adding new information and publications related to the scientific and artistic activity of Alberto Argenton and to his memory.

Laura Messina Argenton

The psychology and the arts have this in common:
both cover the entire field of the human mind
Rudolf Arnheim


The creation of this site is the result of my intention to make available some of the results of my scientific and ‘artistic’ research. The site was came into being at the time of my leaving the world of work – the University – for reasons of age, and it aims to maintain my presence – in some ways, to extend it – within the scientific community or outside it. At the same time, it is intended to be a point of reference for the circulation of knowledge in the sector in which for many years I cultivated my interests of study, research and teaching: the Psychology of art.

The section is divided into: News and NotesPsychology of art, Criticism and Gallery.
News and Notes is to inform visitors of events and recent publications, but also to insert annotations on the subject.
Psychology of art presents the English translation of some papers published in Italian and papers published only in English pertaining to the Psychology of art or related to this subject.
Criticism collects a brief curriculum of my graphic-pictorial activity and some critical essays about it.
Gallery contains a repertoire of images reproducing my graphics and paintings.

Juvenile works

Rovo 1959 olio su t 51x71 2_resize copia

In questa Galleria sono riportate opere eseguite agli inizi della mia attività pittorica sia in terra friulana, in particolare, a Cividale, dove nella seconda metà degli anni ’50 frequentavo i numerosi pittori che popolavano questa cittadina sia in terra africana, a Mogadiscio (Somalia), dove nella prima metà degli anni ’60 ho trascorso la mia tarda adolescenza.

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An essay on Alberto Argenton in a book
accompanying the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco”


Open until 26 February 2023 in the Palazzo Monte di Pietà in Padua, the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” (Trick of the Eye) explores the boundaries between art and science, documenting them with important artistic works and scientific studies on vision.
The exhibition is accompanied by two volumes, which bear the same title and which, analogously to the two parts of the exhibition, are dedicated, one, to “Perception, impressions and illusions in art”, curated by L. M. Barbero, and the other

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Artworks by Alberto Argenton
in the exhibition “L’occhio in gioco”


The exhibition “L’occhio in gioco” (Trick of the Eye), open until 26 February 2023 in the Palazzo Monte di Pietà, Padua, is curated, in its first, historical part of a historical nature, by Luca Massimo Barbero and, in its second part, focused on the Paduan reality, by Guido Bartorelli, Giovanni Galfano, Andrea Bobbio and Massimo Grassi.

The exhibition is organised by themes and documents different perceptual-representational devices used by the artists in their pictorial research, relating them to scientific research on vision

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