It is with great pleasure and pride that I would like to announce a piece of news that concerns me – namely the publication of a book. The book was edited by two colleagues for whom I have a high regard, and who are portrayed in the amusing photo below, sent by them from USA.

Copy (2) of Padovani all'estero

The book contains the essays written in my honour by some colleagues and friends, to whom I want to convey, here too, my heartfelt thanks.

filosofie-fossaluzza-verstegen-ragionamenti-percettivi-argenton-1Carlo Maria Fossaluzza & Ian Verstegen (Eds.) (2014), Ragionamenti percettivi. Saggi in onore di Alberto Argenton [Perceptual reasonings. Essays in honour of Alberto Argenton], Mimesis, Milano – Udine


You can find below the Abstracts of the essays.