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The works in this gallery come from a solicitation originated from some sketches made for a hypothetical cover – never realized – of a book written together with Laura Messina and published in 1990s. The image alongside shows a sheet with some studies on this subject.
The technical characteristics of these works is that the drawn lines are obtained with a tool – called graphos – used for technical drawing before the advent of the computer processing of images made it obsolete.  The functioning of the graphos is similar to that of a fountain pen: within the barrel there is a cartridge that contains the Indian ink; on the barrel different types of nibs can be pinned and they make it possible to draw lines of variable thickness, but always uniform, and they are of such a kind as to let the ink flow continuously from the cartridge.
Just as I had thought for the book cover, in the images realized later with this technique some are characterized by the combining of straight lines and wavy lines, and in all there is an insertion of color obtained with a sort of ‘negative’ collage: the colored cardboard is glued behind the one drawn with Indian ink. In essence, some background areas created by lines are ‘punched’ and the colored cardboard is inserted behind the ‘hole’.
Being mostly experimentations of this type of technique, the subjects reflect those of the series that I had already produced or I was producing at the time, but in some cases new configurations emerge, favored by the technique itself.